Happy Holidays 2019

Blog #28 1/2 – Happy Holidays 2019

So, in Blog #28 I talked about how you should always stay focused while enjoying success. In this blog I want to talk about the holidays.

As I’ve said before I grew up in Fresno during my childhood years. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukah the holidays are special, especially if you can enjoy your family.

I have fond memories of my childhood and the holiday season. My birthday is December 18th so I always had that “this is part your birthday, part Christmas routine”. I can’t complain though as we had really fun family gatherings. I didn’t realize this at the time but my family had a lot of fun together, sometimes too much lol. I always found it interesting that the adults usually gave bottles for gifts. Usually Gin or Vodka to be exact.

My dad’s mom used to make the best meals during the holidays. She would spend hours preparing everything. We had a lot of Armenian dishes like stuffed Grape leaves, Dolma (stuffed bell peppers or tomatoes), Rice Pilaf, Sou-berag (Multi layers of phyllo dough and spinach and cheese) and Grandpa would BBQ the Lamb kebabs outside. It was always a feast.

My Grandparents would trade off hosting the holidays and my Moms mother was equally amazing but more traditional. We would have Ham & Turkey and the traditional cranberry sauce, stuffing and she made the best pies! She also made this Black cherry jello with cream cheese and nuts sprinkled over the top which to this day is one of my favorites.

My Moms dad always wore a red vest during the Holiday get togethers, My brothers and I also wore them as kind of a tradition. I remember surprising grandma as Santa Clause one year and I had also found a red vest to surprise Grandpa. It was so nice to see how happy it made them.

I remember some favorites toys of my youth, the GI Joe with life like hair or Kung Fu grip. The Evil Knievel stunt bike and a chemistry set which sometimes got me in a little trouble. We also had the Incredible edibles, Lite Brite and tons of Legos and Lincoln Logs. As we got older we started getting more clothes.

This went on during my youth then got a little more challenging when my parents divorced. The family pretty much split into two different factions and I would split my time trying to see everyone.

I tried to carry on some of the traditions when I got married and had a family like the shish kebab, pilaf and grape leaves usually, on Christmas Eve. Every so often I’ll attempt Grandmas Black Cherry jello too.

I started retail in 1980 so I have always tried to do my best to balance a hectic Holiday schedule and family. It was common to work 8-12 hour days , weekends and Christmas eve every year as it was so busy. I still find it somewhat humorous when retailers try to put up Holiday décor right after Halloween.

I also try to keep in mind that sometimes the holiday season is tough for some people as they have lost loved ones or are just lonely. I usually try to give back in some way whether its being a volunteer to feed the homeless or other things that might pop up. I even drove a Fork lift one year helping out the salvation Army.

I miss the old days with big family gatherings and how happy everyone was during the holidays. I am fortunate to spend my holidays now in a very positive and loving relationship. My wish for everyone is to enjoy the Holidays in the same way

Happy Holidays everyone!

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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