The Customers

Blog #57 – The Customers

So, in Blog #56 I talked about being a Floor Watcher. In this blog I want to talk about the customers.

So we were a few days into the sale which at this point settles things down a bit. It was still twice as busy as a normal day, but you adapt. So picture 40 racks on the floor, Sales signs everywhere. All the front tables on the aisle have sale merchandise on them with signs. Then it happens…

“Where are your Shoes that are on sale?”. Seriously? It doesn’t matter if you are at Nordstrom, An independent store or a discount store, people say the craziest things some times.

Here’s my top ten:

  • Where are your shoes on sale?
  • Do you have this in my size?
  • How does this make my foot look?
  • Does this make my foot look big?
  • Should I buy both pairs?
  • Are you getting any more clearance shoes in?
  • Can you hold this sale shoe?
  • Where’s the mate to this shoe on the rack?
  • Where’s my salesperson?
  • My sales person is waiting on someone else too?

Usually people say these things without thinking, it always use to crack me up though especially the answers to the questions we would say in the back stockroom.

The last two questions always happened during the sale. For a good reason. We were outnumbered! There are two ways to handle a situation if you have 30 salespeople on the floor and 60 customers waiting for help.

  • Run numbers by handing a customer a number then calling their number when a sales person is free or
  • Having your salespeople take multiple customers a salesperson could handle two customers at a time but 3 or 4 is a stretch. It happened though which instigates the question “Where is my salesperson?”

Some of the other questions people just want validation of why to buy it’

Validation Questions

“Does this make my foot look big?” regardless of the answer a salesperson is going to spin it to make the sale. Not to say all salespeople are untruthful but in the case it did make the foot look bigger, I would hope the salesperson would offer a nice alternative. Ahhh, shoe dogs…

If there are other humorous questions you have encountered please feel free to add in the comments area or add in my Shoe Dog forum area of my blog.

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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