Figure out the solution, then execute in steps

Blog #9 – “Figure out the solution, then execute in steps.

Solemanstudios – Blog #9: figure out the solution then execute it in steps

So, in Blog #8 I talked about keeping calm and using your head in tough situations

In this post I want to talk about figuring out the solutions and executing them in steps.

After the robbery, I Worked in the store for about a month then I started getting rid of the poor performers and hiring better people. The goal was to look for people with passion. In my training I learned a lot from Leann, Dee, Ro and Bill at the other store so I used their passion as a model for what I was looking for in a team. 

One of the first steps I took, was to hire a good friend of mine, Ed and a young high school student named Yolanda. There was a gal named Wendy who had been there awhile who was good and a woman named MaryAnn who was working part time.

Finally a solid team…

Since there was a theft problem I figured out they were taking their old shoes off, putting them in the box then putting the new shoe on and walking out the store.

We installed some mirrors to see the different angles of the store and I made sure there was always someone on the floor. The stock work would be done in the morning. This helped considerably as the shrinkage quickly became the best improved in the region.

Over the next 3-6 months the next plan of attack was keeping the racks full, best items at eye level and really improve the service, like I learned in my training store.

All of a sudden our numbers were very much improved. I was getting recognized in the monthly newsletter that came out pretty consistently. I was still working a lot of hours but the recognition I was getting was giving me an inner strength of adrenaline to keep me going 

 Tip #9:

Figure out the solution then execute it in steps,  it  really validates tip #7 “focus on solutions and not the problems” which in turn “gives you less headaches”. 

…just sharing my story and tips from my footwear career. 

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